Source: Custom Spell from Wiccan Universe

Use:  This spell can be used when a relationship has ended and you need assistance with releasing the residual feelings for the other person in order to move on with your life.


  • Black Candle – Banish Negativity
  • White Candle – Attract Positive Energy
  • Candle to represent yourself (see the Candles section in The Apothecary to find the color)
  • Candle to represent your ex (see the Candles section in The Apothecary to find the color)
  • Picture of self with ex (if available; otherwise one pic for each)
  • Tray for ashes
  • Pen to write affirmations on back of picture(s)
  • OPTIONAL: Rosemary, Thyme, Calendula Petals, Sandalwood (for custom incense)


  • Place black candle to east, astro candle (self) to south, white candle to west, ex’s astro candle to north
  • Write affirmations of what you want the ritual to achieve (if you want all romantic feelings gone, or if you want total peace between you, etc.) on the back of the picture
  • Burn custom incense (OPTIONAL)
  • Place picture(s) face up in the center of the candles
  • Repeat the incantation, lighting the picture on fire (one corner for each candle)
  • Meditate on the words of the incantation, and allow all negative energy you’ve held onto to be burnt with the picture.
  • Allow candles to burn out completely. Discard the ashes of the burnt picture to the earth.
  • Once the ashes are gone, consider this final closure. Do not allow any negative thoughts regarding the relationship to permeate your mind ever again.


In perfect love and perfect trust, may this spell for us both be just.
Eternal closure I seek, no longer will I feel weak.
By word and by fire, I close this chapter of my life;
Peace and serenity shall abound, no longer will there be strife.
As our picture turns to ashes, I decree this spell a success;
I learned my lesson well, and no longer shall I stress.
By the power of my magick I expel all negativity;
And invite all love and happiness, joy and festivity.