• A red candle
  • A pink candle
  • Dried basil
  • Ground cinnamon
  • Two apple seeds
  • A moonstone crystal
  • A rose quartz crystal
  • A red piece of cloth
  • Pink cord or yarn


Gather everything you need in your sacred space underneath the full moon, and cast your circle. Light both your candles, and lay the red cloth in front of you. Take the moonstone, and pass it over the flames of both candles, and then lay the crystal on the cloth. Do the same for the rose quartz.

Now take the two apple seeds, and say:

By the light of the full moon, I now plant the seeds of our love.

As you place the seeds on the cloth, next to the crystals, see a beautiful, soft pink energy emanating from the crystals, nourishing the seeds with loving energy. Sprinkle the stones and seeds with the basil and cinnamon. Lastly, pull the corners of the red cloth together, with the stones, seeds and herbs inside, and wind the pink cord around the bag three times, before tying it with three knots.

Say: So mote it be.

And close your circle. Keep your charm bag close to you always in order to attract love into your life.