Powerful Negativity Banishing Ritual

Source: spellsofmagic.com with some adaptations from The Wiccan Universe.

This is one of my personal all-time favorite rituals to perform.  While it can be performed during any phase of the moon, it is most effective either during the waning phase or on the night of the new moon.

CAUTION: This ritual uses ingredients that are highly flammable, and you will actually ignite that flammable material during the ritual.  Ensure that you have a fire-proof pot in which to do this.  I am not responsible if you inadvertently set fire to your house or other structure.

What you need:

* A small cup of water
* A small bowl containing sea salt for consecration purposes
* A cast-iron cauldron (or other fire-proof pot)
* Rubbing alcohol
* Matches
* One black candle, one gold candle, and one silver candle (you can substitute white candles for gold/silver if you don’t have them)

Place two white candles (or one silver and one gold) upon your altar to represent the Goddess and the Horned God. Between these candles place any type of black candle. This candle will help to absorb the negative energies that are around and possibly within you, and transform them into positive ones.

Sprinkle a bit of the water and salt around the sacred space you have just created, and say:

“With water and salt I consecrate This sacred temple of magick great.”

Light the white (or silver and gold) candles and say:

“I invoke thee O great Goddess, Mother of the silver moon, I invoke thee O great Horned One, Father of the golden sun, Into this circle I invite Thy sacred shining Light of White.”

Visualize the circle around you glowing bright with divine energy in the form of white light. Let it surround you, and open yourself up to feel its loving, healing, negativity-banishing warmth. Taking slow, deep breaths, visualize breathing the white light into your body and then breathing out all that is negative in the form of black smoke. Each time you inhale the white light and then exhale, see the black smoke grow less dark.

Continue the white light breathing visualization technique until you feel completely cleansed of all inner negativity and you see only pure white light as you exhale. Light the black candle, and say:

“As the moon wanes and grows darker, so shall all negativity grow smaller and smaller until it fades away and is no more.

Let love be the power To banish all negativity so that positive energy can once again prevail.”
Let love be the power To overturn bad luck And bring prosperity In all aspects of life.

Let love be the power To heal all past regrets And turn all sorrow Back to happiness
Let love be the power To transform all feelings Of anxiety into peace of mind.”

Pour a bit of the rubbing alcohol (about a quarter cup) into the cauldron. (WARNING: Be sure that the cauldron is resting on its stand or on a wooden cutting board, and is not near any flammable substances or things that can easily catch fire, such as drapes!) Light a match and drop it into the cauldron to make it flame.

Repeat the following magickal rhyme over and over until the fire in the cauldron burns itself completely out (which should take approximately five minutes).  As you do, feel the negativity vanishing, and feel the power of the Universe rushing to your aid as you rid yourself of negativity:

“All that is bad NOW be banished! All that is negative NOW must vanish!”

When the flame in the cauldron goes out, take a moment to meditate.  Take stock of your feelings and emotions.  When you are ready, you may conclude the ritual as directed below.

Give thanks in your own words to the four spirits of the elements and then bid them farewell. Next, give thanks in your own words to the Goddess and the Horned God, and then bid them farewell.