Ritual for a New Job

Source: spellsofmagic.com, modified by Wiccan Universe

Materials Required:

* Yellow candle  (astral to represent self)
* Green candle (prosperity)
* Black candle (remove obstacles)
* Brown candle (the job itself)
* Patchouli/cinnamon oil (or money drawing oil)
* Four slips of paper & marker/pen
* Receptacle for the ashes

Note: This spell is best worked during the waxing phase of the moon.


While visualizing the job you are seeking or the type of work you wish to do anoint the black candle with patchouli oil, working from the base upwards to the wick and place in a holder. Wash your hands of all traces of the oil before using the other candles. Still visualizing anoint the other three candles with the cinnamon oil, this time from the wick to the base and place in holders. Wash your hands of all traces of the oil and set up your altar. Place the black candle in the center of the workspace with the yellow candle above it to the north, the brown candle to the left in the west and the green candle to the right in the east. The chalice can be placed wherever convenient but within easy reach, don’t forget the matches or lighter.


Start with the yellow astral candle, light it and say: I seek to change, for what feels right. Open the way and clear my sight.”

Visualize yourself reading through and selecting jobs out of the vacancy sections in the local newspaper or looking through the notice boards at the job center. Write on a slip of paper a single word or brief description symbolizing your intent (in this case it might be “Change”). Light the paper in the candle and as it burns push out your thoughts and see yourself finding what you are looking for. Place it in the chalice and let it burn out. Light the black candle and say:  “Negate bad luck, Let obstacles fall. Break-down barriers, Heed my call!”

Visualize yourself filling in application forms or mailing out your C.V. to prospective employers. See your mail-outs arriving at their destinations being accepted, and your name being added to interview lists. Write on a slip of paper your intent (‘Break-down barriers’). Light the paper from the candle, push out your thoughts and see interview appointments being made in your favor. When it’s burned out, light the green candle and say: “Bring Prosperity, Security too. Just rewards for the work I do.”

Visualize yourself arriving for interview calm, confidant and smiling. See yourself shaking hands with the interviewer and discussing and agreeing to details. Write on a slip of paper the intent (‘Just Rewards’). Light it from the candle, push out your thoughts and see, feel and know the interview has gone well. When it’s burned out, light the brown candle and say: “Opportunities, work and rewards I see. As I will, so must it be!”

Write the intent (‘Opportunities, Work, Rewards’) on the last piece of paper. Light it from the candle and visualize yourself in a successful new job receiving your first pay packet, push out your thoughts to make it real and happen.

Leave the candles to burn out completely. Remember a spell won’t work on its own, you need to actively seek a job. Listen to all your hunches and follow up on any leads.

Optional: Each night for a week, burn a 2nd brown candle for 10 minutes while meditating in preparation for the job and the good you will gain from it.