Peace & Protection Spell

Source: Custom Spell from The Wiccan Universe

Aspects of the spell:

  • Candle magick
  • Incantations
  • Visualizations
  • Crystal Quartz to charge with magickal energy
  • Spell to be done during waxing phase of the moon or full moon

General ingredients:

  • Candle of the astrological sign of person receiving spell
  • Blue Candle for protection
  • White Candle for peace
  • Black Candle to repel negativity
  • Elder Flowers for peace
  • Eucalyptus for protection
  • Dragon’s Blood essential oil

Using the mortar and pestle, crush up the elder flowers, eucalyptus and dragon’s blood.  Anoint the four candles with the mixture. Start with the astrological sign candle, then the blue, then white, then black.  After anointing the candles, place the remaining mixture in the cauldron along with some water.  Place candles in four directions (astro sign to east, blue to west, white to north, black to south) and place the cauldron in the middle.  Add the crystal quartz to the cauldron and put the top on it.

Place candles in a diamond shape corresponding to the nautical directions.  Light the candles beginning with the east and going deosil.  While lighting the candles, recite the following incantation three times in total:

I cast this spell for (myself, name of person) in perfect love and perfect trust.
Loving Goddess, ease (my/his/her) soul
Mighty God, keep (me/him/her) whole.
Guardians of the Universe give (me/him/her) the power
To banish negative energy and make darkness cower.
By the power of this magick I decree it so;
Light of the Goddess, through (me/him/her) flow!


Place crystal quartz in the cauldron with sea salt added.  Then recite the following once:

I consecrate this crystal in the name of the God & Goddess.
May it protect and bring peace to (me, name of person).
So mote it be!