Source:, modified by Wiccan Universe


  • 1 gold candle
  • 6 green candles
  • 9 white candles
  • Pine oil for anointing candles
  • Salt

Spell is best performed on a Sunday.


  • Anoint all candles with the pine oil
  • Arrange the candles as follows:
    • Gold candle in the center
    • Green candles in a circle around the gold candle
    • White candles in a circle around the green candles
  • At one minute past midnight, trace a salt circle around the outermost circle of candles
  • Light the gold candle first, then the green candles, moving deosil (clockwise), then the white candles, moving deosil.
  • Circle the altar three times, chanting “Orbiting Jupiter trine the sun, bring money on the run.”
    • Do the chant 3 times also. S
  • it quietly for a few minutes and visualize your monetary NEEDS. (needs, not desires).
  • Then SNUFF (do not blow or pinch) the candles in the widdershins (counterclockwise) direction.
    • Alternatively, you may let the candles burn out on their own.  Take care to ensure you’re fire safe!