Source: “The Only Book of Wiccan Spells You’ll Ever Need” (click link to order the book on Amazon), modified by Wiccan Universe


  • A dark blue candle
  • A candleholder
  • Matches/lighter
  • A hand drum or gong
  • Athame or wand
  • A bell

Perform this spell during the waning moon.


Fit the candle into the holder and place it on your altar.

Bang on the drum or gong (or bang on a table if you don’t have either of these) to break up negative thoughts and vibrations.  Feel the sound resonating through you, stirring up power and confidence.  When ready, recite the following (say it loudly or shout if possible; say this with CONFIDENCE):

Doubt and fear, don’t come near.
By the dawn, be you gone.
By this sign [with your athame or wand, draw a pentagram in the air in front of you] and light divine, peace is mine.
I am strong, all day long.
My worries flee, magickally.
I ring this bell [ring bell] to bind this spell,
And all is well.

While you recite this, envision your fears receding into the darkness, losing their strength.  When you’re done, snuff out the candle.