What is WiccanUniverse.com?

WiccanUniverse.com serves three different, yet complementary, functions:  first, it is a place that contains a vast array of knowledge regarding the Wiccan belief system.  Everything from the history of witchcraft to a collection of spells & rituals are all available here. Second, it is the home of a regular blog series.  In addition to a general blog about different topics that pertain to Wicca, I also offer featured articles about the more detailed aspects of Wicca, such as an in depth look at the profiles of the pioneers of Wicca (among many other topics). Third, it is a community, complete with a fully functional forum section where you can interact with people from all over the world who share the same (or similar) beliefs.

Why did you create WiccanUniverse?

I was bored one day.  I kid, of course. 🙂 Actually, I decided to create a website where I could share my knowledge of (and passion for) Wicca with the world.  Wicca is one of the few “religions” that does not go knocking on the doors of complete strangers asking them if they’ve heard the good news of the merry witch.  Rather, Wiccans (as well as many pagans in general) believe firmly that one’s spiritual beliefs should be discovered and nurtured of one’s own completely free will. I’m not here to “witness” to people or try and get them to abandon their spiritual beliefs and convert to Wicca, pick up a broomstick, and ride into the moonlight.  Rather, I’m here to educate, to enlighten, and to enrich.  If people have questions about Wicca, or about the practice of witchcraft, then I’m more than happy to help in any way I can.

I want to know more!

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