Responsible Divination

What exactly is divination?  As I explained in my article “Wicca & Divination,” it is defined as “the practice of seeing knowledge of the future or the unknown by supernatural means.”  Divination can involve the use of tools such as the Tarot, or through the use of a clair ability (i.e. clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, etc.), either yours or a professional … Read More

Knowing What to Believe

Unlike most organized religions such as Christianity or Judaism, Wicca does not have a set of dogmatic rhetoric in which you must believe in order to be considered a Wiccan.  In fact, Wicca is a belief system that encourages self-discovery through personal experience and private intuition.  This is one of the most empowering, but also the most confusing aspects about … Read More

5 Little-Known Facts About Wicca

Wiccan beliefs and practices are rich and intricate.  It draws upon practices both ancient and recent.  Some things, however, are not as widely known as others.  Here are five little-known facts about Wicca that you may not know. 1. The term “Witch” is unisex One of the most common misconceptions about Wicca is the proper use of the word “Witch.”  … Read More

Is Wicca Evil?

Before we get started here, let me just take a quick second and spiritually center myself in preparation for the onslaught of negativity that will be flung my way by opponents of witchcraft… Okay, we good. Any time my website comes to the attention of someone who thinks Wicca is evil, I inevitably get some off-color remark about how I’m … Read More

Black vs. White Magick

When you’re practicing magick, you’re practicing magick, period.  What people often associate with “black vs. white” are the deeds one does during the practice of magick.

The Anatomy of a Spell

Spells are a critical part of the practice of witchcraft.  But what makes a spell a spell?  There are a few key elements that make up a spell, and in this article we’ll explore what those elements are.  After you’re done reading about the anatomy of a spell, check out my section on creating your own spells.  Spells that you create … Read More


If you were to enter the search phrase “how can I curse someone” into the great Oracle known as Google, you’ll receive nearly 27 million results.  Twenty-seven MILLION results.  Yowza!  At one time or another, for various and sundry reasons, most of us have thought “UGH! I wish I could put a curse on [insert name of the recipient of … Read More

The Dangers of Love Spells

“Dangerously In Love” may have been an awesome album by Beyoncé, but it’s not exactly the kind of thing you want to find yourself involved in, especially if you are using magick to attract love into your life.  In this article, we’ll discuss the manners in which you can use magick to find your Prince or Princess Charming in a … Read More

Spells & Rituals In Action

The most common category I get questions about revolves, in one way or another, around spells and/or rituals.  Performing spells & rituals is a big part of what attracts many people to the Wiccan faith.  This article is the first in a series where I will address a few of the most popular questions that people ask about spell work. … Read More

Those Litha Nights

Ah, June.  Summer vacations, lazy days by the pool or beach, and heat.  But for Wiccans, June is also the month in which the Sabbat of Litha is celebrated.  Depending on the year, Litha occurs anytime between June 20-23.  In this article, we will explore some of the history of Litha, and I’ll provide some pointers on how you can … Read More