You can’t throw a virtual rock without hitting at least a half dozen books and hundreds (maybe even thousands) of websites about Wicca for Beginners.  Although Wicca has only been around since the 1960s, the beliefs and practices held by most Wiccans and other pagan belief systems can be traced back to ancient pre-Christian traditions throughout the world.  As the Wiccan belief system has evolved, it has come to espouse more and more diverse beliefs.

The Wicca of today is a stark contrast from the Wicca of the 60s.  Obviously there were no Internets, and there were no books on the subject aside from Gardner’s two books “Witchcraft Today” and “The Meaning of Witchcraft.”  Fast forward a couple of generations and you have over 10 million results delivered to you at lightning speeds thank to the great oracle known as Google if you search for “Wicca.”  I find it rather amusing and ironic that we’ve gone from one extreme to another, and yet many people experience the same predicament of not knowing where to turn for information!

So what is one to do when one decides to practice Wicca?  As I discuss in my article Flying Solo vs. Flying In a Group, one of the first decisions a new follower of the Craft should make is whether to practice alone or in a group (known as a coven).  There are great advantages and disadvantages to both.  However, as you can probably determine from the title, this article is going to begin a “deep dive” into how a Wiccan beginner who wants to fly solo can get started.

As a solo witch myself, I started with an interest in and desire to follow the Wiccan path and very little else.  If you want to read about my own personal experience in taking flight solo, check out “My Journey (So Far) Flying Solo.”  This Beginner’s Guide to Practicing Solo will provide you with a “Launchpad” that will get you airborne and on your way to becoming a solo witch.

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