Quick Draw Reading


  • 3-card spread
  • Designed to be a quick peek into a situation
  • Great for “yes/no” type questions

In-Depth Reading


  • 5-card spread (may vary)
  • Detailed answer to one area of your life



Ultimate Reading


  • Three readings in one!
  • 10-card spread
  • Detailed insight into three life areas

How does an online tarot reading work?

Here’s the general process that I use for offering Tarot readings:

1) Choose what type of reading you would like to receive above.

2) Purchase the reading using PayPal (the transaction is completely secure).

3) Send me the question, issue, or life area you would like to focus on for the reading.

4) After I receive notification that you’ve purchased a reading and read the details of your question, I will respond within 24 hours to let you know when you can expect to receive the details of your reading (wait times vary depending on how many readings I have in my queue).

5) I conduct the reading.  I will take a picture of the Tarot cards that are drawn.

6) After I conduct the reading, I will send you an email with full details on what the cards are saying.

Have follow up questions after receiving your reading?  No problem!  I want to make sure you get all you can out of your reading, so I offer unlimited feedback on your reading for five days after I send the initial detailed reading.

 Find more questions and answers in the Tarot Readings FAQ!